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As we continue our discussions around consistency and how it helps an organization to build operational effectiveness, let us be reminded of the power of standardizing information. Standards reduce confusion, create clarity for Staff and Clients, and provide a consistency way to do business. Standards are needed for terms, phrases, formats, and communication. Without them,

Building Repeatable Processes

In our most recent newsletter consistency was identified as a building block of operational effectiveness. When implementing consistency within an organization, there are a multitude of advantages; one is building repeatable processes. What are repeatable processes? They are a series of tasks that are easily duplicated. Forbes.com says that they are something every Business Leader

Communication and Documentation

One of the building blocks that operational effectiveness through communication ties to is the importance of documentation. Documentation is an ideal and important method to communicate information to Staff and Clients. We recognize this is a central them at Aldridge Kerr that you have heard before; however, we have seen the benefits realized by Clients

Communicating Roles and Responsibilities

As we stated in our most recent newsletter, communication is a building block to operational effectiveness. Communication comes in a multitude of forms that includes clearly stating the roles and responsibilities for all Staff. When Staff knows their roles and responsibilities: Goals, expectations, and what needs to be accomplished are met Staff works together better

Ineffective Meetings Could Be Because of Poor Communication

Imagine you are in a meeting where a Team is working on a new project. The Participants are not engaged. Half are checking their cell phones; while the others are jumping ahead within the PowerPoint presentation and are not listening. The problem could be that this is happening across your organization. Multiply this by multiple