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Challenges on Delivering ROI

The challenges to delivering return on investment (ROI) are driven by the challenges facing operational effectiveness. They, in many situations, are closely aligned. Those challenges include but are not limited to: Defining the processes and methodologies required to best support your Customers Providing the tools and resources Staff need to be well equipped, well trained,

Balancing ROI and Operational Effectiveness

I recently had a conversation with an Investor and he advised that most Investors only bring in Experts to look at operations when an issue has been identified. The challenge with this is that then the cost to fix the problem is always greater than building operational effectiveness within a Company. ROI (return on investment)

ROI and Sustainability

In our most recent newsletter, Eddie Reeves shared his insights on the Five Mistakes That Kill Your Marketing ROI. So how does this align with sustainability? Understanding how those day-to-day tasks have implications to a Company’s ROI (return on investment) is essential for its ongoing success and sustainability. In an article within Zacks.com, it stated:

Projects, Sustainability, and Doable, Chewable Chunks

As we continue our discussion related to what it takes to juggle many priorities, this juggling act has implications when managing projects within a Company. Projects, although so important for sustainability, can also be quite disruptive. How does a Company address the challenges of keeping the day-to-day tasks moving forward in parallel with the work

Strategy, Sustainability, and DCC

A common challenge facing Companies is balancing the need to align their strategic initiatives with ensuring those tactical, day-to-day tasks are working effectively and efficiently. If there is too much focus on strategy instead of the implementation of the tactical, then a Company cannot effectively fulfill their long-term goals and objectives. If there is too