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Projects, Sustainability, and Doable, Chewable Chunks

As we continue our discussion related to what it takes to juggle many priorities, this juggling act has implications when managing projects within a Company. Projects, although so important for sustainability, can also be quite disruptive. How does a Company address the challenges of keeping the day-to-day tasks moving forward in parallel with the work

Strategy, Sustainability, and DCC

A common challenge facing Companies is balancing the need to align their strategic initiatives with ensuring those tactical, day-to-day tasks are working effectively and efficiently. If there is too much focus on strategy instead of the implementation of the tactical, then a Company cannot effectively fulfill their long-term goals and objectives. If there is too

Tie Priority of Documentation to One-Only Tasks

In last month’s newsletter, we discussed the implication of one-only tasks and sustainability. One solution to managing these one-only tasks is to document those that are most critical to the Company’s success. This documentation can be used as: An emergency arises and the person performing the one-only tasks is suddenly unavailable A tool to train

Tribal versus Institutional Knowledge

What is the impact to a Company that is greatly influenced by tribal versus institutional knowledge as we discussed in our most recent newsletter? What stumbling blocks occur when knowledge is retained in someone’s head? How does tribal knowledge create limitations within a Company? These limiting factors can influence a Company’s sustainability and growth when:

First Steps for Documentation

In our most recent newsletter, we identified that there is a direct correlation between sustainability and documentation. The challenge, however, can be to identify what should be documented first. Here are some hints to help define those first steps for what should be documented: Identify your Company’s Critical Processes and start there Determine those one-only