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Projects, Sustainability, and Doable, Chewable Chunks

As we continue our discussion related to what it takes to juggle many priorities, this juggling act has implications when managing projects within a Company. Projects, although so important for sustainability, can also be quite disruptive.

How does a Company address the challenges of keeping the day-to-day tasks moving forward in parallel with the work that needs done to design and implement a project? We, at Aldridge Kerr, use our proprietary methodology, Doable, Chewable Chunks® to manage that difficult balancing act.

Here are some hints to managing a project using this methodology:

  • Identify the various phases (i.e., “chunks”) that should be accomplished in order to complete the project. It is much more effective to implement smaller segments at a time then waiting a longer period for deliverables to be achieved.
  • Scale the project (i.e., “chunk” it) so that deliverables are accomplished quickly. Aldridge Kerr recommends identifying deliverables that can be accomplished in six months or less.
  • Utilize Staff across the organization – broadening the knowledge across the Company brings great value and it mitigates the issue of pulling too much talent from one or two areas within the Company.

By using our Doable, Chewable Chunks® methodology for projects, it increases sustainability, which is a Company’s ultimate goal.

Need help defining how to “chunk” your project so that it is less disruptive to your Company?

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Let’s scope a Project as large as possible

The idea of scoping a project so that it takes on as much as possible is a common reason why a project fails. “More” is not necessarily best when scoping a project.

Instead, Aldridge Kerr recommends approaching a project using our Doable, Chewable Chunks® methodology in order to create results quickly. See a previous newsletter on this methodology for more information.

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Dependencies? Who Cares?

Another myth made while managing a project (initiative, etc.) is not valuing the role dependencies play in the success of an implementation. Dependencies can have a huge impact if not considered and should not be underestimated.

So what is a dependency? It is the relationship between individual tasks within a project. Project dependencies are critical to sequencing the project’s tasks and calculating the critical path for the project’s completion.

Without considering the dependencies, a project’s probability for success is greatly compromised.

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Testing is Highly Overrated

In our most recent newsletter, we discussed project management myths that can hinder the success of any project or initiative. The need for testing any new initiative, process, system, etc. is often viewed as overrated. However, Aldridge Kerr recommends testing before fully implementing and/or integrating anything into an organization.

Why perform testing? Here are a few reasons:
• It allows for validation and resolution of unforeseen issues
• It reduces errors that may occur once the new product, project (etc.) go live
• It mitigates the risks associated with implementation and/or integration
• It confirms that the documented requirements of the project are fully met
• It can function as a mechanism for engaging and partially training the users

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