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Process Improvement Requires Commitment

Another common myth around any initiative is that if Management says it needs to be done, it will get done. The reality, however, is that implementing improvements will require buy-in and commitment from both Management and Staff.

Without Management’s commitment, the direction and vision cannot be realized. Without Staff’s commitment, the execution has a high probability of failure.

So an intricate component to the success of process improvement is to have both Management and Staff see the value in making changes. When this commitment is obtained, then implementing process improvements can be realized much more quickly.

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As we continue our discussions around process myths and misconceptions, Aldridge Kerr has seen a very simple process improvement that most organizations do not even consider − establishing consistency.

It is actually better to perform a process consistently in an ineffective manner than to have Staff performing the same process differently. Of course, the goal is to consistently perform processes efficiently and effectively.

Consistency in performing a specific process can have a long list of advantages:
1. It becomes more easy to identify where there are issues
2. It provides a method to standardize how a process is performed
3. It allows for quicker process implementations as Staff collectively know what changes are required for improvement

There is great value in consistency as has been discussed in a previous newsletter.

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Process Improvement Quick Fixes

In our most recent newsletter, we discussed the common myth that process improvements can only be accomplished by an involved, lengthy evaluation and reengineering effort. However, over the last twenty years, Aldridge Kerr has been able to help our Clients see process improvements through implementing “quick fixes.”

What are quick fixes? They are changes that can be made to an existing process that are easily and quickly implemented. These little changes can create big process improvements.

Looking for these quick fixes on a regular basis begins to create ongoing improvements without major disruption within the organization. And it dispels the myth that process improvements require lengthy, expensive efforts.

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