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Efficiency is Important

Based on our most recent newsletter and two previous blogs, you may assume that Aldridge Kerr does not see the need for efficiency. That is not the case.

Creating efficient processes within an organization is critical to its ongoing sustainability and growth. It is a characteristic of effectiveness that we discussed in the previous blog.

Finding improvements for how quickly to perform a task improves its efficiency. However, without first considering the effectiveness component of quality, repeatability, and understanding priorities, then operational effectiveness cannot be achieved.

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Characteristics of Effectiveness

Understanding the various characteristics of effectiveness helps to establish a sustainable organization; here are a few of the characteristics:
• Build repeatable, consistent processes
• Establish understanding throughout the organization as to its priorities
• Establish methods of internal control
• Document, document, document
• Define methods for oversight
• Incorporate service and quality into everyday tasks
• Prepare for business interruptions
• Train and cross-train Staff to manage illness, death, or extended vacations by those who perform one-only tasks
• Position the organization for growth spurts or allow for a profitable sale

These are the foundation for operational effectiveness. Look for our next blog on the importance of efficiency.

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It’s All About the Bass

As I write this blog, the song by Megan Trainer “It’s all about the bass” keeps popping in my head. The lyrics are something like “It’s all about the bass, not the treble.” Trainer, in her song, may have been attempting to drive home the point that she thought one (the bass) was better than the other (the treble).

What does that have to do with our most recent newsletter’s topic? The lyrics could be changed to “It’s all about effectiveness, not efficiency.” Efficiency without first executing effectiveness just does not work. For operational effectiveness within an organization, both are needed. However, like the bass, effectiveness is more important.

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