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Management Oversight Made Simple

In our most recent newsletter, we wrapped up our year of discussions around sustainability by emphasizing the importance of management oversight. We believe management oversight does not need to be complicated. Here are some simple, helpful hints for executing oversight within your organization:

  • Focus on your Critical Processes. Assessing these processes builds a good foundation.
  • Ensure those processes are truly “working as intended.” In other words, are the tasks within each process being performed consistency, efficiently, and effectively? If there is not clarity as to how these processes need to be working, then evaluate them and build repeatable processes.
  • Validate that the Critical Processes are being performed by the “right” person. Are there some processes that are only performed by one person? How should this be addressed? Is the most appropriate person(s) responsible for each of the tasks within the process?
  • Assess if there are internal controls that will mitigate risks.
  • Determine if those processes are performed within the timeframes established and performed correctly.

This oversight should be intricately built into the priorities of the organization so that risks can be mitigated, efficiencies and effectiveness can be improved, with timely and quality deliverables. At minimum, we recommend each Critical Process be evaluated once a year.

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