Naming Conventions for File

Have you established naming conventions for your files? If you don’t know what a naming convention is, then you probably haven’t done so. (A naming convention is an established standard by which a file is named.)

Aldridge Kerr encourages its Clients to establish clearly defined file naming conventions. Here are some hints that should be helpful:

  • Establish a file naming convention based on the type of file so that all files of the same or similar type follow the same naming methodology
  • Be consistent across related types of documents
  • Avoid using acronyms within a file’s name unless it is a broadly used acronym (i.e., IBM)
  • Ensure the file’s name clearly represents what is included within the file
  • Distribute the file naming conventions to all Staff so there is consistency in usage
  • Review routinely the naming conventions for relevancy and accuracy

Aldridge Kerr can assist you in defining and implementing file naming conventions. Contact Charlene Aldridge at 972.447.9787 or to discuss how we can assist you in improving how you do what you do.

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