Operational Goals are as Important as Financial Goals

In our most recent newsletter, we discussed the importance of an ongoing commitment to Operational Effectiveness. In the newsletter the question was raised related to ensuring that the yearly goals include more than just financial achievements. Instead, we propose you consider assessing your organization’s operational issues and set forth goals to improve this year. Here are some examples:
• Are there service standards in place that are realistic, obtainable, yet stretch your organization? Are the service standards realistic and obtainable, yet striving for excellence?
• Is your Staff sufficiently cross-trained? If not, consider implementing a program to accomplish this?
• Do you need to establish “repeatable processes” that will position your organization for expansion and quick growth?

Jim Rohn reminds us “Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement.” Goals are a powerful tool to success. Let’s just remember to establish both financial and operational goals. That creates Operational Effectiveness.

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  1. Davis Wilson says:

    Thanks for shearing such a nice piece of information for the broker or dealers. Keep it up!

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