Benefits of Doable, Chewable Chunks®

In our most recent newsletter, we provided a partial list of the benefits to utilizing Aldridge Kerr’s Doable, Chewable Chunks® methodology.

Here’s an expanded list of the benefits:

  • Positions the organization to better identify what the insurmountable challenge is and how to break it into manageable tasks (i.e., “chunks”)
  • Provides an approach to define what is most important to the organization
  • Allows those performing the tasks to identify and then implement based on the organization’s priorities
  • Builds credibility both internally and externally as deliverables are met, results are occurring more immediately, and there are “small wins” propelling the effort to desired results
  • Encourages the Team participating in the effort as results are realized more quickly, which in itself motivates the Team for further results
  • Breaks insurmountable tasks/goals/projects into doable, manageable pieces, resulting in projects being done on time and within budget
  • Provides a simple, “doable” approach to getting a bigger-than-life task completed
  • Is not an intimidating approach
  • Allows non-technical, end users (i.e., “real people”) to attack a difficult problem and realize benefits and/or desired results

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