Do You Have a Process for when a Client Complains?

In our most recent newsletter, we discussed the need for ensuring your organization has a process in place to manage problem resolution as well as a process to determine when problems should be escalated.

So, let’s discuss some questions to consider when creating a step-by-step process for when a Client complains.

  • Has your Staff been trained on effective listening skills for when a Client has a complaint?
  • Has your Staff been trained on how to calmly and constructively address a Client’s complaint?
  • Is there a formal method for a Client to submit a complaint? If so, what methods are in place to maintain and evaluate the types of complaints received?
  • Are there parameters in place for what action(s) your Staff can take when there is a complaint?
  • Is it clearly defined and understood when a Client complaint should be escalated to Management?

Answering the above is a good starting point in defining the process to manage Client complains? Need help with this? Contact Charlene Aldridge at 972.447.9787 or so Aldridge Kerr can assist you with defining how Client complaints are addressed.

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