Is It Clear How to Mitigate Client Complaints?

At the onset, it is important to remember that it is almost impossible to completely avoid Client complaints. However, establishing clearly defined expectations for meeting and exceeding Client expectations will position any organization to mitigate the number of complaints received.

Consider these questions when defining how to meet and exceed Client expectations so complaints can be mitigated:

  • Is there consensus between you and your Clients on what product or service your Company will deliver, including when and how? If not, what does it take to obtain consensus on this?
  • Does the Staff supporting the Client understand what is being delivered including when and how? Without this, there is an increased probability that the Client will be unhappy with the product/service being delivered?
  • Is there a formal process to obtain feedback from the Client to ensure that you are meeting and/or exceeding the Client’s needs?
  • Establishing a methodology to effectively manage the needs of the Client is an intricate factor in mitigating problems. Unsure where to get started? Contact Charlene Aldridge at 972.447.9787 or so Aldridge Kerr can assist you with defining how to meet and exceed your Clients’ expectations.

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