Organizing the Records to Establish Retention

In our most recent newsletter, we discussed Records Retention Management. Addressing records retention can be overwhelming. So, as an organization looks to begin defining the requirements around records management, we recommend you organize your records (i.e., files) based on any of the following:
• Functional Area (i.e., Accounting, Operations, Legal, Information Technology),
• Type of record (i.e., Policies and Procedures, forms, reports),
• Process (i.e., accounts payable, accounts receivable, social media communication)

Using any of the approaches outlined above, you can begin to define how long your organization wants to retain each. EXAMPLE: The length of time to retain Accounting records may be shorter than how long you want to retain Legal records.

Organizing the types of records is a good foundation for building a Records Retention Plan. Look for more hints related to records retention in future blogs.

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