Communication Risks

Management often ignores the impact to not managing communication risks. As we have been discussing, their goal is often to eliminate all communication risks, instead of assessing it and taking the appropriate steps to mitigate it.

Here are some examples of communication risks that should be managed and mitigated:
• Misunderstanding or lack of communication of expectations of Staff
• Managing the thin line between not enough communication and too much – the expectation needs to be one where the communication enhances (not hinders) results
• Assessing who and when communication should be shared – ensure any impacted individuals (both internally and externally) are appropriately updated with needed information

The risks around communication should consider: when; where; why; who; and how; in order to mitigate any issues that may arise due to unclear, incomplete, or lack of information. It will not necessarily eliminate communication risks, but it will provide a solid structure to mitigate them.

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