Reviewing Critical Processes for Continuous Improvement

In our most recent newsletter, we identified one method to support continuous improvement within a Company as establishing a routine review of the processes that impact the organization’s success. Aldridge Kerr frames the focus of this routine review on the Company’s Critical Processes because if those processes are working as intended, a strong foundation for sustainability is in place.

This routine review can be based on the needs of the Company; however, it is recommended that at minimum all Critical Processes are reviewed annually to identify the opportunities for continuous improvement. Examples of the type of areas the review of each Critical Process should consider include:

  • Is the process being performed as intended?
  • Have there been changes within the Company or externally that will require assessing the relevance of the existing process?
  • Are there inconsistencies in how the process is being performed that need to be corrected? Are there any tasks performed by only person within the process that create exposure to greater risk for the Company?
  • Does the existing documentation of the process align with how the process is actually being performed?
  • How can the existing process be enhanced by new solutions (e.g., tools, software)?
  • Is the process still relevant to the needs of the Company and the products/services and Customers it supports?

In our next blog, we will discuss the various methods that can be used to perform these routine reviews.

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