Routine Continuous Improvement Methods

As we continue to discuss methods to routinely review a Company’s Critical Processes to create continuous improvement and sustainability, it is clear these reviews can be performed using various methods.

Every Company should determine those methods that best meet its needs; however, here are some suggested methods to consider:

  • Hold a round table discussion with those who perform the process and obtain insights on what works well and what does not
  • Obtain input from Customers (for those customer-focused processes) to assess potential areas for improvements
  • Have someone who does not perform the process attempt to do so with the intent of having a “fresh view” of how the process is performed
  • Have someone observe how the process is performed compared to the documented version to identify inconsistencies – in some cases, Staff will begin performing steps that make more sense even if it is documented differently; or, Staff have forgotten important steps that can create quality and effectiveness issues – regardless, disconnects can be resolved through this review
  • Encourage Staff to regularly looking for areas for improvement
  • Use an external Resource, like Aldridge Kerr, to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the process

If Staff is involved in the discovery and the implementation of changes, this encourages buy-in and provides a higher probability for success. Regardless of the methods chosen, a systematic approach should be used in the routine review.

If the goal is sustainability, then routine reviews of existing processes allow for improvement and resolution of issues. Aldridge Kerr can assist you defining what routine reviews are right for your Company. Contact Charlene Aldridge at 972.447.9787 or to discuss how we can assist you.

Look for what is needed to implement changes identified during the routine reviews in our next blog.

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