No Surprises

There was a Leader who on a regular basis advised his Staff that he could deal with any issues that arose except surprises. Even if someone screwed up, made a mistake, or was running behind on an assignment or project, if the Leader was kept informed, he would support and help his Staff work through the obstacles and issues. However, he would not tolerate surprises. Not telling this Leader of a problem was, well, a problem for him.

What did this management approach do for his Team?

  • It instilled a sense of trust; his Team knew he would help and support them through the issues that arose.
  • It created a desire to do well because of that trust.
  • It encouraged his Team to take risks, try new things, and ultimately excel.

This was a Leader that produced Leaders because of that approach. Inspiring by example is one of the key characteristics of building operational effectiveness and was demonstrated by that Leader.

Are you a Leader creating Leaders? Inspiring Leaders is critical to your success.

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