Who? What? Where? How? (etc)

In our most recent newsletter, we discussed the perils of settling into a status quo state of mind. If you want to explore looking at an existing process with a “refresh” view, ask the following questions:

  • How important is this process to your organization’s success?
  • If it is important and it is a critical process, what implications are there if it is not performing as intended?
  • Who benefits from this process being refreshed?
  • What is the frequency of this process and when is it performed?
  • Is it clearly understood how long it takes to perform the tasks within the process and why it takes that long?
  • What steps in the process are customer-facing and how does it impact the Customer if performed poorly?
  • Are the steps within the process performed consistently?
  • What steps need to have internal controls to mitigate risks related to perform the process?
  • “How is the process managed? Does it have too much, too little, or just the right amount of oversight?”
  • How do you assess whether the process aligns with your quality objectives?
  • Are the right “tools” (i.e., systems, forms) being used to enhance the use of the process?

As you begin to dissect the steps within a process, it becomes clear what is working well, what could improve, what should change, and the opportunities for operational effectiveness.

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