Factors to Include Within Your P & P Framework

Our last two blogs provided questions to answer when developing your Policies & Procedures (P & P) Framework, as well as defining the approach to use for your P & P Initiative.

Here is a partial list of other factors to consider within your P & P Framework:

  • Establish naming conventions for files and document titles.
  • Create standards for commonly used terms and phrases. Example: how will the Staff be referenced in the P & P’s? Will they be referenced as “Employees,” “Associates,” or “Staff?” Standardizing those commonly used terms and phrases reduces confusion.
  • Determine how often documents will be published.
  • Define the maintenance requirements. Example: when will the written documents be reviewed for continued relevance and applicability?

As we discussed in our newsletter, the P & P Framework will provide the blueprint for the implementation and maintenance of your P & P’s. So it is valuable to have as many of the specifications defined as possible.

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