The process of documenting is valuable as well

In our most recent newsletter we provided the Top Ten list of why we believe documentation is so important. Our blogs over the next few weeks will share further thoughts on some of those Top Ten.

When documenting a process, there are two critical deliverables:

1) The evaluation process in which the topic to be documented is assessed for continued relevance, improved efficiencies, need for added internal controls, and the identification of business metrics to provide oversight and ongoing assessment.
2) The end product is the documentation, whether it is a Procedure, User’s Guide, Policy, System Specification, or training material.

A Client once told us that that evaluation process that gets to the end product is more valuable than the documentation we provide. The assessment of the topic and defining its ongoing need within an organization is extremely beneficial.

So, documentation not only provides the end product; but the journey to get to that end product allows the organization to step back and assess the need and importance of even documenting the topic.

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