Cross-training Staff to Retain Critical Knowledge

As we continue our discussions on retaining critical knowledge, in our last blog we identified the steps to determine what knowledge is most critical to retain.

After this is determined, then a Training Plan can be developed to cross-train on those tasks that are performed by only one or two Staff. The cross-training should be developed so that it is the least disruptive as possible.

Here are some suggestions on how to cross-train Staff:

  • Hold lunch and learn sessions so that Staff can share their knowledge with other Staff
  • Create short (no more than 30 minutes) webinars on the skills and/or knowledge that needs to be shared by Staff
  • Record sessions so that they are accessible by additional Staff as the need arises – this can be especially valuable with new Hires

The goal is to ensure that more Staff gains the critical knowledge that needs to be retained within your organization.

Aldridge Kerr can assist you in developing a Training Plan or identifying what knowledge is most critical within your organization. Contact Charlene Aldridge at 972.447.9787 or to discuss how we can assist you in improving how you do what you do.

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