Retaining Employees

As we continue our discussions on retaining critical knowledge, a key component is to ensure that key Employees are retained as well.

Here are some hints for retaining key Employees:

  • Identify the Employees that are key to the organization
  • Develop a Staff Retention Plan that is focused on ensuring those key Employees are retained
  • Create a culture that is conducive to learning and provide cross-training of critical processes and relevant information
  • Ensure Employees know they are valued
  • Establish incentives and rewards to motivate Employees
  • Encourage input from Employees so they can provide insights that influence the organization’s success
  • Keep Employees updated on the organization’s strategies and the tactical tasks being performed to implement those strategies

Retaining critical information can be realized by ensuring that processes and data are documented, cross-training occurs, and valuable Employees want to stay.

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