Multiple Characteristics Required for Operational Effectiveness

Let’s further explore why the combination of multiple characteristics are essential to Operational Effectiveness.

For example, Management Oversight is a needed characteristic in order to maximize Operational Effectiveness. But, if an organization has not clearly identified which priorities are most critical, oversight will lose its effectiveness without the focus being clearly identified. The combination of Management Oversight and focusing on priorities increases clarity for an organization. It is combining characteristics that will increase Operational Effectiveness.

In addition, creating an environment for ongoing improvement is essential; however, without building repeatable processes as part of that effort, an organization misses the opportunity to truly strengthen its foundation.

So, although having one of the characteristics we have identified for Operational Effectiveness is valuable to maximize an operation’s effectiveness, it is better realized through the combination of:

  • Focusing on priorities
  • Building repeatable processes
  • Maximizing resources
  • Creating an environment for ongoing, improved results
  • Incorporating internal control
  • Performing Management Oversight

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