Consider the processes impacted by the integration

As we discussed in our most recent newsletter, a problem that organizations have when introducing a new system – or upgrading one they have – is neglecting to first assess the processes surrounding the effective integration of the system

Here are some questions to ask to encourage the successful integration of the system:

  • What activities (processes) does the system “touch?”
  • Based on the functionality of the system, will those activities need to be revised, enhanced, or eliminated in order to most effectively use the system?
  • What manual processes does the system automate?
  • What impact does the elimination of those manual processes have?
  • What processes should not be automated as part of the integration?
  • Are there new – or replacement – activities that need to be considered once the system is implemented?
  • What management reporting capabilities does the system provide that will enhance how the organization operates and are there processes needed to utilize those reports?
  • Do roles and responsibilities need to change as part of the integration of the system?
  • What internal controls need to be added, changed, or eliminated as part of the integration?

The integration of the system is most effective when the processes and people surrounding it are considered.

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