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Sustainability Reminders

This month’s topic has been that building sustainability is a building block of operational effectiveness. We have talked about sustainability in the past and here are a few reminders, as discussed in previous newsletters, on what is needed to build sustainability within your company: Establishing sustainability requires discipline and focus. This can be accomplished by

Sustainability Intentionally

One of the Aldridge Kerr Team commented that most folks (and organizations) do not intentionally allow for inefficiencies or ineffectiveness. This is true. But, the reverse is also true: in order for any organization to build a strong, sustainability operation, they must be intentional. Building sustainability is a must for operational effectiveness. Here are some

Sustainability and Staff

In our most recent newsletter, we discussed sustainability and its role as a building block to operational effectiveness. A key characteristic of sustainability is engaging your Staff. Often as Aldridge Kerr works with our Clients, Management will be impressed with one of our recommendations. This is when we explain to them that the brilliant idea

Testing and More Testing

Creating a Business Continuity Plan for when business interruption occurs is essential for any organization. However, a key factor in the success of any plan requires for routine testing of it. The worst thing an organization can do is to create a plan and then “put it on the shelf” and never look at it

Those Critical Processes

Yes, we at Aldridge Kerr can be a broken record when it comes to reminding folks of the importance of knowing your organization’s Critical Processes. Having clarity as to what processes are most critical provides a long list of solutions. One of those includes helping to prepare for a business interruption, our focus for October.